I saw my first Singapura in 1993 at a CFA-Show in Austria and I was hooked at once.

Back home I started immediately to acquire as much information as possible about this fantastic breed. Due to the fact, that the Singapura is a minority breed, it took me about 2 years to travel to Chicago and visit a CFA-Show.



They honored me with my very first Singapura GC SAYANG SADIE'S DEEE LITE and helped and supported me with my breeding plans for more than 15 years, thank you for your great friendship and generousity.

To Tommy Meadow:
RIP Tommy. You have been a great mentor to me and you are still in my heart.

To Bella Toga:
For your helping hands in my beginning, and a wonderful friendship.

To Vladimir Zimin:
For his friendship and patience, to work with me on this new website. Without him this page would not exist.



CFA Breed Profile: Singapura
Singapura is the Malaysian word for Singapore. The streets of Singapore are the origin of this breed. They are nature’s combination of both the ticked coat pattern and the dark brown color, both of which are indigenous to South East Asia. The breed was brought into the U.S. in the early 1970s by Hal and Tommy Meadow, expatriates moving home. Early Singapura breeders quickly went to work to establish purebred characteristics such as breeding true, uniformity of appearance, and above all, health and disposition. This careful development of the breed has lead to small numbers of diversified pedigreed cats but one that is widely desired and accepted. Today the breed is worldwide and recognized by most registration associations. In CFA, Singapuras were accepted for registration in 1982 and for championship competition in 1988.


CFA Breed Standard: Singapura
GENERAL: the appearance of an alert healthy small to medium sized muscular bodied cat with noticeably large eyes and ears in proportion to their head. Cat to have the illusion of refined delicate coloring.


CFA Breed Article:
The Singapura - Cat Fanciers' Almanac April/May 2005
by Nicki Ruetz

My first introduction to the Singapura was an article in the 1987 Cat Fancy titled "Hard-To-Find Breeds." I was so intrigued by the picture and the description, I just had to find out more. I ended up with my first Singapura, a pet, and he was everything the article said and more. I became so enthralled with the breed that I joined the cat fancy to help promote and preserve the Singapura, and also because I wanted my home to be graced by several of these special cats.


CFA Breed Article:
The Singapura - Cat Fanciers' Almanac March 1996
by Cathie McHenry

"The best kept secret in the cat fancy!" These were the words of Mary Ann Mehren, an established Abyssinian breeder, when she obtained her first Singapura. Pet owners gush that it was "well worth the wait" for their Singapuras. What makes these cats so special? Initially, it is their deceptively delicate appearance with that angelic face; but the true hook is the Singapura's enchanting personality. To those of us lucky enough to work with the breed there is simply nothing like a Singapura.