I saw my first Singapura in 1993 at a CFA-Show in Austria and I was hooked at once.

Back home I started immediately to acquire as much information as possible about this fantastic breed. Due to the fact, that the Singapura is a minority breed, it took me about 2 years to travel to Chicago and visit a CFA-Show. Further I meet Tommy Meadow and Wilson A. Vega and Douglas T. Pollock there. They blessed me with my first Singapura GC SAYANG SADIE'S DEEE LITE.

In the meantime, I am sharing my home with several of these charming cats and I cannot imagine how it would be without them. I only work with purebred Singapura lines. My aim is to breed for health, temperament and type. All our cats are raised as family members and are used to kids and dogs. With their utmost kind and friendly character, they seize everything and everybody, but they mostly like to play, be childish and play tricks on everyone and everything. In between, I have successfully infected some other breeders in Austria with the Singapuras virus. Kimang Cattery owned by Claudia Gasser and Lil' Sins Cattery owned by Astrid Mueller which are now devoted to the purebred Singapuras as well.
I wish you a pleasant trip trough my website and for any further question please do not hesitate to send me an email.

E-mail: singapura@singapuras.at